Wetland Alteration Permit Submittal Checklist

Applicant Checklist Required for Submittal Sufficient Insufficient
  Complete Application: On-line application has been thoroughly completed.    
  Fee: Application fee has been paid.    
  Supplemental Information: Plan submittal package bound into a single pdf document including the following information:     
       Applicable Permits: Copy of all other federal, state and regional permits and/or applications and conditions issued for the proposed project.    
       Legal Description: A legal description of the property including the property appraiser's parcel number.    
       Scaled Drawing: A scaled drawing of the property identifying existing structures, adjacent streets and water bodies.    
       Proposed Activity: A scaled drawing and description of the proposed activity including the location and description of procedures to be utilized during the activity.    
       Wetland Management Plan: A management plan addressing items i. through iv. of the Procedures Manual.