Off-Duty Employment Guidelines

The Maitland Police Department allows, under certain conditions, Officers to be hired by private citizens and businesses for the purpose of providing security or assisting with traffic control and road closures.

Off-duty employment requests must be submitted in a timely manner. Processing of a request could take up to three days to finalize. Off-duty employment opportunities will be posted agency wide to allow all interested officers to sign up. Details must be located within the city limits of Maitland. 

Payments & Application

Payment must be made by check payable to the Maitland Police Department
1837 Fennell Street
Maitland, FL 32751

Please complete and submit the Off-Duty Employment Application and applications will be reviewed for approval. Your signature on the application indicates that you acknowledge receipt of the guidelines implemented on this form. 

Deniable Employment

The following types of employment requests will be denied:

  • Details involving civil matters (domestic situations, labor disputes, union meetings, landlord/tenant disputes, etc.).
  • Details requiring officers to act in a "bodyguard "or "doorman " capacity.
  • Details which constitute a conflict of interest on the part of the officers or the Department.

Cost for Off-Duty Services

  • Officer: $35 per hour with a three hour minimum
  • Supervisor: $40 per hour with a three hour minimum

Note: Details that require four or more officers also requires the inclusion of a detail supervisor.

Holiday Rates

Off-duty employment services falling on New Year’s Day, Easter Holiday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve shall increase the minimum hourly rate by $5 per officer / supervisor.


Should a scheduled off-duty detail need to be cancelled, the cancellation must be received in a timely manner allowing for the proper notification to the affected officers. Cancellations made after the arrival of the officer(s) will be charged the three hour minimum.

For more information or to request an Off-duty Employment application, please contact Captain Louis Grindle via email or at 407-875-2832.