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Current Crime Trends

The Maitland Police Department has recently received several emails and phone calls from residents regarding solicitors, usually identifying themselves as ADT salespeople. The particular solicitors that have recently been operating in the City of Maitland and other surrounding communities are not part of a group that is casing homes for burglaries. We have not had a residential burglary attributed to this group. 

Normally these individuals are part of a high-pressure sales team that does not have a permit to solicit in our city. While they may mention working for ADT Security, they are typically working for another company. The solicitors are usually dropped off in groups within a neighborhood that will pick them up at a particular time and location.

Remain Vigilant

While we have not had a report of a crime associated with this group (other than solicitation without a permit), we always encourage our residents to be vigilant. The best course of action for any homeowner is not to answer their door for anyone they do not know and to immediately contact the Maitland Police Department so we may have an officer make contact with the solicitors and determine their legitimacy.


Discover some simple tips on how to deal with solicitors at the ADT website as well as information regarding deceptive sales and how to protect yourself.

  1. Never invite a solicitor into your home. Simply state "No Thank You" without opening the door. If you encounter a solicitor who becomes aggressive or will not take "No" for an answer, ask them to leave and call 911.
  2. Advise the person they need to leave and you are not interested.
  3. If you do not believe they are a legitimate sales person, contact the Maitland Police Department Dispatch at 407-539-6262 to have an Officer come by and check it out. Residents can also request to see the sales persons company ID and permit to solicit issued by the City of Maitland to verify if they are legitimate.
  4. Be careful about the information you provide to solicitors. Example: I do not have an alarm system for my residence. Never provide any other personal information such as social security numbers, banking information, etc.
  5. Don't give out the name or any other pertinent information about your neighbor or others in the neighborhood.
  6. Post a "No Solicitor" sign on private property.