Step 6: Permitting Your Signs

Whether or not you choose to design and install a sign, you will want to familiarize yourself with the City of Maitland sign regulations. Many forms of advertising such as wind-blown devices, pennants, sign spinners, etc. are prohibited in the City. 

 Prior to purchasing a sign, or other form of on-site advertising, it is recommended you contact the City of Maitland at (407) 539-1255. The City of Maitland issues permits for two types of permitted signs: temporary and permanent.

  • Temporary signs such as banners are permitted in some zoning districts and require a sign permit. Temporary banner permits, if allowed, have a duration of 15 days. Specific regulation of temporary banners can be found in the Maitland Land Development Code.
  • Permanent signs are primarily regulated by Chapter 5 of Maitland’s Land Development Code. Permanent signs consist of a wide range of signage types, such as wall, awning, directory, suspended, monument, and directional. 

Permanent signs require an approved sign permit and may also require a Building Permit, depending on the size and components of the sign (i.e. lighting or structure). It is highly recommended that you hire a professional sign contractor to help you design, construct and install your permanent sign(s). 

In addition, many non-residential and mixed-use developments in the City of Maitland have Master Sign Plans which outline the overall design, number and location for all signs in a development.

Questions regarding signs should be directed to a professional sign contractor or our office at (407) 539-6212.