State Aquatic Plant Control Permitting

  1. Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Website
  2. Select Licenses and Permit from the menu at the top of page
  3. Select Aquatic Plants from the menu on the left of the page
  4. Select Online Aquatic Plant Management Permit
  5. If you have never registered before select Register New User located on the right side of the page.
  6. Choose Individual or Non-Individual (An example of a non-individual would be a Homeowner’s Association)
  7. Make sure all the fields with (Required) beside them are complete and then select Submit
  8. Make sure you select/check the E-Communication confirmed box to insure the fastest turn-around time for your permit.
  9. Once you have registered you will log in using your user ID and password
  10. Select Apply for a New Permit
  11. Pull down drop down menu and select Aquatic Plant Control Permit
  12. Fill in Required Contact Information and complete the Certification
    1. Review the contact information and check for accuracy
    2. If you have an Agent you may link them to your application by selecting the tab Agent/Consultant then select the button Link Agent and use the menu to Search and Select your Agent/Consultant
    3. When all of the information is complete you may select the NEXT tab at the bottom of the page
  13. Fill in the required Waterbody Information and select the NEXT tab at the bottom of the page
  14. Fill in the required Plants and Control Methods
    1. Under targeted Plants type in your first target plant.
    2. List the Type of Plant in the Required field
    3. List the dimensions of the Control area and add a description if desired
    4. Under Control Methods choose Add
    5. Select the control methods that apply and then select Add
      1. This will take you back to the Targeted Plant Type page check for accuracy then select Add
    6. Do this for each plant to be controlled. When all plants have been entered select the NEXT tab at the bottom of the page
  15. Attachments - Attach a site map of the management area and any other supporting documents
    1. Select the type of document from the drop down menu, Search for the file to upload using the Browse button, select the file and then use the Upload button to attach the file
    2. Do this for each attachment you want to add to the application then select the NEXT tab at the bottom of the page
  16. Add any Comments you want to include in your application in the box examples include:
    1. Applicators information
    2. Additional site directions
    3. Gate codes or contact information for site access
    4. Etc.
    5. Check the SUBMIT box and select OK
  17. Once submitted you will go to the next page which will include your application number please save this number for your records.