Engineering Services

Engineering Services is responsible for transportation-related movements in the City with regard to:

  • Automobiles
  • Bicycles/bike paths
  • Bus routes
  • Pedestrians
  • Rail systems

City Responsibilities

The objective is to coordinate these facilities into an integrated system that best serves the citizens of Maitland. In coordinating this broad spectrum of responsibility, Engineering Services also has City-specific responsibilities including:

  • Administration of the Neighborhood Sidewalks Program
  • Central Florida Commuter Rail Technical Advisory Committee liaison
  • Conducting of traffic analysis
  • Coordination with adjacent cities of Altamonte Springs, Eatonville, and Winter Park on common transportation issues
  • Coordination with the citizens
  • Coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation
  • Coordination with Orange and Seminole Counties on common transportation issues
  • Liaison with design consultants for Maitland Quality Neighborhood Programs;
  • Liaison with MetroPlan Orlando for transportation planning issues
  • Liaison with Transportation Advisory Board
  • Review of building and development permit applications
  • Right-of-Way Utilization permitting process

City Engineer

The City Engineer handles all project management for the Capital Improvements Program through plan review and field engineering. Along with providing support for streets, drainage, and other Public Works projects and programs, the City Engineer ensures technical competence with all current codes and criteria.


Visit Maitland's online permitting service for right-of-way utilization permits and petitions for right-of-way/utility easement abandonments. E-mail the Maitland Public Works Department or call the department at 407-539-6252 regarding applications for sign or traffic calming devices.