Solar PV System Permitting Checklist

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Permitting Checklist

The basic, pre-submittal checklist below contains the minimum information and project plan details required to be submitted to Maitland when applying to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system (residential or small commercial). The intent of using the checklist is to provide transparent and well-defined information to minimize the number of required revisions and expedite the application and review process.

  • Residential and Commercial Permit Application
  • Construction Drawings: Digital files or two paper copies of plans showing PV array configuration, wiring system, overcurrent protection, inverter, disconnects, required signs, AC connection to building, and attachment detail for roof mounted or footing details for ground mounted.
  • Spec Sheets and Installation Manuals: Include specification sheets and installation manuals for all manufactured components including, but not limited to PV modules, inverters, combiner box, disconnects, and mounting system.
  • Permit Fees: After October 1, 2020 the permit fee is 1.75% of the construction value of the Solar PV System. (Please contact our office for fee amounts prior to October, 2020)

The above materials can be submitted digitally by email. An auto-response email will be sent confirming receipt of submission. For files exceeding 36 megabytes, please upload your file and application to the City’s FTP site. Please combine all documents sent via digital submittal into as few files as possible and name the files clearly to include the project address and permit number (if known). Paper submissions are accepted at the Community Development Department, by mail, or by contacting the Building Division staff at 407-539-6150. Payment can be made over the phone by calling 407-539-6150.

Review Process Timeline

The City is committed to providing timely review of solar PV permit applications. Best efforts are made to review completed solar permit applications within 10 days. Inspections are made the next business day after they are requested. To schedule an inspection, call 407-539-6248 or email Inspections.