What are my pick-up days?

View the Pick-Up Days and Observed Holidays page to see your pick-up days by street.

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1. What are my pick-up days?
2. How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?
3. How do I report a missed pick-up?
4. I have a bulk item, how do I arrange for pick-up?
5. I am not sure what I can put in my recycling cart, what are the rules?
6. When does my garbage, yard waste or recycling need to be placed for collection?
7. Are there specific rules for residential yard waste?
8. My refuse was not picked up and I received a tag stating it was not in compliance, how do I resolve this issue?
9. I have electronics and other items I would like to dispose of, how to I dispose of these items?
10. What are the City’s rules about holidays?
11. There is a dead animal in the right of way, how do I report this?
12. I have a general question, how can I get an answer?